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Emma Carlow

What they do

Designer, maker and artist

Our expertise

Business partner / late stage founder

Brand development

Operations and processes

New business development

Marketing and experiences 

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Emma Carlow is fast ascending artist, designer and maker who is the glue between an experience and a product. Her work interprets museum exhibitions, gallery collections and experiences and makes them accessible, immersive, relatable and affordable through a playful and joyous range of products.


A unique and exhilarating opportunity to partner with Emma to develop and grow the business both in the UK and internationally. From implementing the core commercial operating system through to sales, marketing, product innovation and brand development.

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  • Business modelling, strategy and development 

  • Operations, systems and procedures

  • Sales and marketing systems and strategies

  • Content generation and implementation 

  • Client wins included: Glynde Opera and MOIFA Sante Fe

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