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The Unit: Digital Design and Build 

Founded in 2006 as one of the UK’s first dedicated user experience, strategy and design specialists. Over the last fifteen years they’ve partnered with everyone from startups to the world's biggest companies to design, optimise and deliver digital products and services that are simple, effective and easy to use.

Our Expertise

  • Commercial director

  • Brand development

  • Systems and processes

  • New business development

  • Sales and lead generation

  • Account / project management

  • Inbound marketing



The Unit had established a strong niche in the digital transformation market and had made a conscious decision to scale ambitiously but needed the supporting processes, systems, energy and confidence to help realise their ambitions and achieve their targets.

Our Impact

  • Doubled GTO within 18 months

  • Double FTEs within 18 months

  • Relocated to larger offices

  • Designed and implemented sales and marketing systems

  • Pitch design, development and support

  • Client wins: EDF energy, Post Office & Ability Net

  • Award wins include Econsultancy and Insurance Times

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